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Nowadays, YouTube videos are trending, if you want to watch or learn anything, or create your own YouTube channel and publish your videos and earn online, there is no better work from home.

But with this the trend of people is changing even more, now people can convert YouTube videos to MP3 and after converting YouTube video2 MP3, you can listen to them later.

YouTube is the world’s best source for online learning and entertainment that you cannot imagine and can also earn money online from YouTube videos, the best way for any youth to work from home.

Around 18 to 25 age youngest people are always available on the YouTube platform to watch online video

If you have a good tool, with the help of that tool, you can convert your YouTube video to MP3 and after converting YouTube video into MP3, you can keep it in your mobile, laptop, iPod, Mp3 Player etc. And when you have free time you can listen to it.

However YouTube has its own copyright policy that prohibits people from downloading and selling audio and video from its platform without prior permission. So you need to be very careful & and follow the rules and regulation of YouTube policy.

So always choose the best YouTube to MP3 converting tool that easily converts YouTube videos to MP3.

If you want to convert a YouTube video to MP3, find out who is the safest YouTube to MP3 converter online

I have made the list of 12 top YouTube for MP3 converters online. It is very good in standard of speed, audio quality and safety.

What is The [New]  & Best YouTube to MP3 Converter Online?


My safest list for online YouTube video mp3 converters in the safest way

1- AVC – any video convertor to mp3 free download

AVC – any video convertor to mp3 free download

Today there are millions of people all over the world using AVC or any video converter as it is a user friendly video2mp3 converter tool. AVC Video Converter MP3 USP has user-friendliness and high speed conversion. USPs has user-friendliness and high-speed conversion. In addition, this video converter promises conversion free of any advertisement, spyware, malware interface and this video converter is not likely to be attacked by the virus.it is the most accessible tools available on the internet one can easily find it moreover easy to handle it.it is an ultimate app can be used anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Main Aspects/Major Factors/important points/characteristics

  • Multi-platform compatibility: This is a platform that allows you to download all kinds of videos from any site, you can easily download them from sites like Facebook, Vimeo , YouTube, Dailey Motions.

    Video burning: You can download the video from it, along with it there was an option to save it, you can save from it and you can even burn it, so you can listen to it from your wish whenever you want. Save time and without interruptions can be used.

    High HEVC: High HEVC is a feature that confirms that the downloaded videos have the fraction of the same size as the original size, and ensures that videos are converted quickly and with high quality.


With AVC software, you can trim and edit videos according to your needs, adjust frame rates, video and audio quality, bit rates and customize it the way you want.

It braces a variety of other video inputs for instances MP4, MPEG, VOB, WMV,3GP,3G2, FLV etc.

It braces the diversity of various video outputs like WMV, MPG, MP4, AVI, ASF, M2TS,3GP,3G2, FLV and many more.

In paid version there is the facility of video screen record and capture.

The device AVC allows batch conversion

If you are using its paid version, then it gives you the facility of the free trial period and with it, lifetime free updates and customer support.


  • Cannot be used without software installed.

  • The Free version does not allow ready to use DVD templates.


It comes in two variants plan premium plan no cost and paid version whose cost is 44.95 $



4k video downloader is such a magnificent software that permit to downloading and converting videos, playlist, channel, sub titles videos from many different sites, Apart from this, downloading videos with this tool is very easy and it help to download and convert videos in a few effortless step in a super-fast pace without any interruption and it also converts into original quality without changing the quality.so, originality of the videos is maintained.


  • Power Point Presentation- You can use this tool to edit your videos, and create slideshows and power point presentation, download and convert videos with original quality.

  • Audio Withdrawal – If you do not want to watch videos, but only want audio, then this tool authorizes you to remove audio from your videos.

  • Multi-platform compatibility – 4K VIDEO DOWNLOADER software allows you to easily download videos from multiple sites such as

  1. Dailymotion

  2. You Tube

  3. Facebook

  4. Vimeo

  5. Tiktok and many more

  • Smart Mode – come up with a facility of “Smart Mode” Activating this mode makes downloading and converting videos even faster than regular mode.


  • It provides batch downloading

  • If you are a beginner, there is nothing to worry about, it is very friendly and it comes with a lot of deep depth tutorials.

  • Enable to save an entire playlist and channel from YouTube.

  • High resolution videos like 1080k.420k,4p.8p can be easily downloaded.

  • You can take out subtitles of YouTube videos and helps to save in SRT format in more than 50 languages.

  • Virtual reality videos can also be download.

  • It has the feature of app proxy setup which allows bypassing geographical limitations

  • This device is integrated with Linux, Windows, Mac.

  • It allows you to select various file format MP3, MP4,3GP, M4A, MKV among others.

  • If you have purchased the license of the product, then it gives a 14 days refund guarantee.


It has two plans, one which is a free plan and the other which gives product license for 15 $.

3 – Freemake.

freemake youtube to mp3 convertor online

Freemake is a software used by more than 90 million people worldwide. This improves the video and also changes the way you want to do it, and if a part is not needed, you can also remove it from the video. The job of this website is that the quality of the saved videos should be original. The Freemake software supports more than 500 media formats that enable it to make conversion with a much easier process, along with this software can also convert the format that is supported from one device to another.


Composite Video Editing – This tool lets you to edit, change, cut, join, and rotate video clips the way you want


Subtitle Facility – This allows videos to be downloaded and cut with Subtitles.

Multi format support – It supports many other formats not only to MP3 or MP4 but also you can convert and save many other formats such as AVI,3GP, WMV, MKV and many more.

Multiform Platform Compatibility– This software grants extracting and downloading videos from many platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.


  • Software is entirely free.

  • Download and save up to 500 clips at the same time.

  • This converts the format that supports the Android device to a file supporting the iPhone.

  • By using this tool, you can download and convert 4K, HD, Full HD in any way.

  • It converts 2 hours of full HD video in just 4 minutes.

  • In limited resource, you can control and limit the speed of your downloads.

  • You can unblock, convert and save any number of block video blocks on the videos website and it also provides parental control facility on the adult site.

  • This tool helps you to fix videos online and burn DVDs/VCDs.


  • No promised of high-speed video conversion always.

  • Need for some improvement in customer service.

  • Watermark incorporates in free version.


The free version fulfills all the basic requirements, furthermore Its paid version is also very cheap cost only 9.95$.

4 – Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

Free video Downloader for YouTube is a very handy tool that is being used by thousands of people worldwide. Its specialty is that it converts YouTube videos to MP3 at very high speed and provides amalgamation with third party these third-party applications for smooth and continuous video downloading and conversion experience. Along with this, it can be used by both beginners and experts, it is very friendly tools handled by anybody and everywhere.


High Quality Videos – With this software, you can convert save in high quality range 620p, 1080p, 2k, 90k, 8UHD with 60FPS.

Multi-Platform Compatibility – FREE VIDEO DOWNLOADER FOR YOUTUBE Provides complete freedom to save videos from various sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube and more.

  • Regularly updated – This software is always updated so there is no issue in saving and conversions of videos.


  • You can save and download unlimited videos and It gives you more information about all the tutorials to download and conversion playlist video and MP3 music through this tool.

  • Save and download is very agreeable without any advertisements and pop ups.
  • Download or install any software as per your need, just copy and paste video URL for converting.

  • Permit to save YouTube videos in a lot of Surrey format in videos and audio as well.As In video  for example MP4, WBEM.In audio MP3 and M4A formats.

  • It gives you more information about the different easy tutorials for friendly download and conversion process.

  • It downloads in both video and MP3 audio file simultaneously.


  • You can only work 3 links at a time.

  • Not cordial with MAC

  • It does not include subscriptions with more advanced functionality


It is clear from the name “Free Video Downloader” that it is a completely free online tool, completely free at no cost.

5 – GenYoutube.

Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

GEN YOUTUBE is a converter by which you can easily download and converts videos to your mobile, laptop desktop or any device. It provides a free video download service, so that you can download any video uploaded to YouTube. Through Gen YouTube, you can download a videos in a wide variety of formats from YouTube such as web, MP3, 3gp, MP4, flv formats in SD and HD quality. With this tool, you can easily download videos in 2 methods in single step.

Method 1

  • Copy the URL of your Youtube videos

  • Paste into a search box

  • Press the GO button

  • it will automatically navigate

and its done your videos is downloaded.

Method 2

If you are watching any YouTube video as and want to download that videos then you need to do one step process i.e.

  • Add ‘gen’ word to the YouTube video link.


Multi-platform compatibility-you can download the YouTube videos in a format like MP3, MP4, Webm,3gp, flv.

HD quality video-videos can be downloaded in premium quality of HD and SD formats.

6 – ClipGrab.

clipgrab mp3 convertor - video2mp3 convertor - convert youtube video to mp3

7 – DVDVideoSoft.

DVDVideoSoft. mp3 convertor youtube video to mp3 - video2mp3

8 – Converto.

Free YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4 online downloader and converter

The Converto is a very fast, easy and free to use converter. Converto utube2video convertor allows you to save uTube videos in MP3 and MP4 formats.The best thing is that you can use it easily without installing it.You can use it online without even installing it to your devices.


Edit Videos – If you want to remove or cut any part of your video that you do not need and you can shorten videos as well, you can do it easily with this tool.

Adjust video quality – This tool allows you to adjust the quality of videos according to your necessity.

Edit File Names – Before downloading YouTube videos, you can edit the file name and ID 3 tag from it and it also allows a noble of personalization.


  • It converts videos in one step process from MP3 to MP4, just copy and paste the URL, press the convert button and the conversion is done ,so simple.

  • No software download needed you can convert through online.

  • This is a non-promotional software without any kind of advertisement, so videos conversion can be done without any hindrance.

  • Videos are downloaded from YouTube to MP3/MP4 format in exceptionally high speed.

  • It is amalgamated in more than 10 languages.


  • Videos which are not available on public domain, you cannot download videos from it, which means that videos can be converted online available.

  • You cannot use it for business purpose.it can only be use in personally.

  • User interface is not prominently attractive.


is completely free. It costs nothing.

9 – Y2mate

y2mate Download Video and Audio from YouTube

10 – Ymp4

ymp4 Youtube downloader - Youtube to mp4 converter - Youtube to mp3

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