What Does Digital Marketing Mean and How Does It Work?

what is meant by digital marketing

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What does digital marketing mean and how does it work? Digital marketing is a term that was created by two men, Tim Geith and Bobby Rio. They conceptualized online marketing as a way to use digital technology to promote products and services in a cost effective way through the Internet. What they found is that their services can be applied to most any type of business regardless of size or industry.

The basic premise behind online marketing is that search engines are becoming increasingly more Internet-friendly. This is due to the fact that more websites are being created on a daily basis as people find it more convenient to search for specific content rather than browsing aimlessly. Social media has also become increasingly popular. Social media outlets include Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. All these sites are drawing in a wide range of people with different needs.

As more people become Internet-oriented search engines are beginning to accept this. The main reason for this is that search engine optimization techniques are not always as effective when applied to online marketing. The main problem is that search engine bots are not programmed to recognize social media icons, podcasts and videos. Instead, links are created through keywords, content and links. Social media icons, podcasts and videos still need to be recognized by search engine bots, but in a much more intuitive way.

Search engine optimization has become a very important aspect of many online businesses. In order to gain an edge against their competition search engine optimization experts have developed techniques that will help to get your website noticed by search engines. Many website owners spend hours writing articles to submit to article directories, creating backlinks, and building up their PR. When the time comes to submit their website to the major search engine, however, they realize that their efforts have not been enough to achieve their goals.

If you are wondering what digital marketing means and how it works, then you need to keep reading. This is a growing field in which website owners and Internet marketers are working together in order to promote their websites using the most efficient methods available. There are several ways to define digital marketing. Some of the popular methods include blogging, video marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

What does digital marketing mean and how does it work? By staying ahead of the curve, any business can increase sales and brand awareness. There are several key elements involved, such as search engine optimization, link building, content marketing, and social media marketing. It is an evolving industry that requires businesses of all sizes to get creative and out of the box in order to succeed.

Essential and important areas of digital marketing

Different areas of digital marketing

Selecting the right marketing tool

2 – Digital Advertising

Method of digital Advertising

Search engine marketing(SEO)

Display Advertising tools

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Video advertising tools

Mobile advertising platforms


3 – Social Media Marketing

Promoting content in social media to Reach More Prospects


Organic social media marketing platforms


Social media automation tools and suites


4 – Content creation and Curation

Content Marketing Design tools

Content Curation tools

5 – Search engine optimization (SEO) and Analytics

Free SEO tools and techniques

Website user experience (UX) tools

Website analytics tools

Paid SEO tools

6 – Email Marketing

Choosing an email marketing solution

Top email marketing tools


7- Affiliate Marketing

Tips for selecting the right affiliate marketing platform

Top affiliate marketing networks


8 – Conclusion

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