What Does Digital Marketing Mean and How Does It Work?

what is meant by digital marketing

2 – Digital Advertising

Method of digital Advertising

Search engine marketing(SEO)

Display Advertising tools

Comparing bid management platforms

Video advertising tools

Mobile advertising platforms


3 – Social Media Marketing

Promoting content in social media to Reach More Prospects


Organic social media marketing platforms


Social media automation tools and suites


4 – Content creation and Curation

Content Marketing Design tools

Content Curation tools

5 – Search engine optimization (SEO) and Analytics

Free SEO tools and techniques

Website user experience (UX) tools

Website analytics tools

Paid SEO tools

6 – Email Marketing

Choosing an email marketing solution

Top email marketing tools


7- Affiliate Marketing

Tips for selecting the right affiliate marketing platform

Top affiliate marketing networks


8 – Conclusion

Recommended essentials for digital marketing