Top 20 Affiliate Marketers in The World You Must Follow to become a good affiliate marketer

Top affiliate marketers in the world 1

If you want to earn money from affiliate marketing, then you should know what is affiliate marketing, how to do affiliate marketing online. But before doing affiliate marketing, you need affiliate marketing tips and tricks that you can learn by doing a case study of the top and big affiliate marketers and apply them in your blogging and affiliate marketing.

You know that in today’s time, earning money from affiliate marketing is not an easy task, but not difficult either.

But before doing affiliate marketing, you have to know about the top affiliate marketers in the world who have an identity in affiliate marketing, who give us information about how to do affiliate marketing and succeed in it. Because affiliate marketing is not an easy way to learn and prosper overnight.

Yes, we know affiliate marketing is a good way through which we can make quick money, but before doing them, we need to know about those world’s top billionaires affiliate marketer and top digital marketing blogger, how they started affiliate marketing, what new things they used, how long it took, how they worked to reach the top of those worlds.

Look at all those top affiliate marketers in the world, how they have chosen from one of the best affiliate marketing topics to become a top millionaire affiliate marketer since zero the  affiliate marketer.

Let’s know who is the best affiliate marketer in the world

1. Adom Enfroy

Adom enfroy top affiliate marketers in the world

Adom enfroy is a new blogger new affiliate marketer got success in just one year started his blog in February 2019 and ranked his affiliate blog within 3 months and brought the blog to $ 45k / month a year later in February 2020.

Let’s know how he made money from their affiliate blog so quickly in one year, how their blog ranked, how and which affiliate programs are used to earn more accurately.

Instead of adopting the specific path of writing, promoting and sharing content, they shifted their entire attention to scaling processes.

Adom enfroy focus was on three goals as to how to top its affiliate marketing blog:-

1. How to increase domain authority with more & More Backlinks in a legit way

2. How to increase organic traffic on blog from seo (on page, off page)

3. How to monetize a site in 3-6 months and give it a ranking

The first 6 months he was very bored working in 100 hour blog weekly with day work and in those 6 months he worked very hard in his blog and this work is as follows: –

1. First designed and launched his blog through a content management system wordpress site, write 4-5 blogs and set up an email funnel for marketing automation

2. The next step was to find a freelance writer and content companies to outsource guest posts content and outreach emails for more organic traffic

3. Focused on more guest posts to get more backlinks and published more outsourced content creation

4. When a lot of traffic started coming on the blog post from the backlink and the site started to rank in Google’s 2-3 pages then used SEO tools to update the content and improve it compared to competitors.

5. And when his page started coming from organic traffic to Google’s first page, he started monetizing affiliate usage.

 Adom enfroy affiliate marketing strategy has worked:

1.  500 backlinks generated 7,600 organic visitors / month in three months.

2. This blog started earning over $ 35k / month in nine months

3. this blog brought in $45k/month In February 2020

4. Then it went ahead and started making $ 61k / month by March 2020.

Website are:-

2 .John Chow

John Chow top affiliate marketers in the world


Entrepreneur / Author / Blogger / Affiliate marketers / Speaker / father / dot com mogul

John Chow was the Affiliate Marketing Awards winner in 2012 for Best Affiliate Marketing Blog, and was the subject of online life, blogging narrative and social media marketing documentary for CBC Television.

John Chow website is positioned number 16 on the AdAge Power and Top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing Blogs. In addition, he is the promoter and CEO of TTZ Media Inc.

John chow has published secret blogging tips on the book Make Money Online: dot com mogul. It was ranked No. 1 on Amazon in the first seven days of release.

When John Chow felt that blogging was going to be too much in the coming days and can make money faster from blogging or affiliate marketing, So he worked two hours a day on his blog, and in 2 years, he made millions of readers and followers on his blog and he told how I earn zero to $ 40000 month in 2 years from blog and affiliate marketing.

In addition, wrote several more books and published blog that related to:-

  • Making money online from blogging

  • High paying affiliate marketing programs

  • Best affiliate programs for beginners

  • How to earn money from blogging

John chow has been featured in such publications as:-

  • The New York Times

  • Ming Pao Magazine

  • The Globe and Mail

  • Entrepreneur Magazine

  • The Vancouver Sun,

  • BC Business Magazine

And also appeared on television and radio shows such as Global Morning News,the Lab with Leo Laporte and many other programs.

Website are:-

3. Mark Ling

Mark ling top affiliate marketers in the world

Mark Ling is one of the best self-made bloggers, affiliate marketers and millionaires, which has gained immense popularity in the field of online marketing. He has earned millions of dollars after years of hard work.

He has won a lot of awards through online Make Money, Method and teaches other entrepreneurs successful ways to make money in the field of online marketing

He has recently launched a new book:

 Pathway to Passive 

Book guides those who want to improve their career in affiliate marketing and achieve success by creating and promoting high quality affiliate websites, how to get traffic, how to earn.

The following are some of the things more focused on the Mark Passive Book:

  1. How to find which types of niche are more profitable?

  2. How to find out which types of markets are more profitable

  3. How to find out which types of products are more profitable to promote and earn

  4. How to convert convergence into buyer to generate more traffic to my website

  5. How to create quality content, what is the best way to connect people?

Products of mark ling Industry – leading programs:

4. Kristy Mccubbin

Kristy Mccubbin top affiliate marketers in the world

When Kirsty McCubbin started her first job as an SEO executive in 1999, she had her first opportunity to do affiliate marketing with SEO Client. And he got his first commission in a month, after training in affiliate marketing, she never backed down and went high.

Kirsty McCubbin always said that if you want to work in affiliate marketing as a beginner, then you should always build the best quality affiliate website.

And you should always focus on skills, not ideas as she believes, to become a good affiliate marketer:

  1. Focus on UI and UX

  2. Focus on a niche and to create quality content and more backlinks

  3. Focus on search engine optimization, on page and off page for organic traffic.

  4. Focus on PPC (pay per click) campaign on Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo

  5. Focus on social media optimization (SMO) and social media marketing (SMM)

  6. Focus on first traffic after gain traffic, then you can monetize.

If you want to get more information about Kirsty McCubbin, click on the link below:

5. Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins best affiliate marketers in the world

Shawn Collins, an affiliate marketer since 1997. And it is one of the best affiliate marketers in the world.

Shawn is CEO of Affiliate Summit, which hosts the most leading conference in the world for Affiliate Marketing. These conferences are about the best of those who are the best marketers, and they are the ones who are the best and the awarding of their work for them is ranked among the best affiliate marketers in the world.

Shawn is also the chief editor of the Feed Front Magazine and is the founder and, a marketing podcast network in which Shawn hosts affiliate marketing. And he provides people with Affiliate Marketing information and shows the right pathways to Affiliate Marketers. And it’s inspiring for an affiliate marketer.

Shawn book ‘Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants‘ is the Top and the bestselling book in the world and those who want to come in this field are considered to be the most important to read to the Affiliate Managers who tell a lot of tips and tricks. After following this, a lot of people are making their name in Affiliate Marketing. And they are highly successful. And this is a good source of inspiration. He wrote Amazon Best Selling Book ‘Extra Money Answer,‘ along with ‘Affiliate Manager Boot Camp: Recruiting Educating and Retailing Affiliates.

Shawn writes his own blog on his Affiliate Tips about Affiliate Marketing, besides the feet like where they are new tools and tips giving information about new things. In the tech, those who want to become Affiliate Marketers get the right information and the best business mind travel.

And, also, he was selected to participate in the Dell customer advisory panel.

Shawn Collins has many industry accolades as follows: –

  • (Aug 2012) Affiliate Ball AFFY Award

  • (Aug 2012) Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2012

  • (Sep 2014) 29 Expert Marketers You Should Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter

  • (March 2016) Top Marketers in Austin

  • (August 2017) Websites for Marketers &Top 100 Affiliate Marketing Blogs

  • (Jan 2019) Affiliate Ball AFFY Award

  • (Dec 2010) Small Business Book Awards Reader’s Choice 2010

  • Platinum Expert Author

Additionally, Shawn has been cited in several publications & Magazine: –

  • Internet Retailer

  • Entrepreneur Magazine

  • Wall Street Journal & New York Times.

  • Magazine

Shawn has spoken at several affiliate marketing events as follows: –

  • July 30-August 1, 2017 Affiliate Summit East in New York City

  • March 14, 2017, Performance Marketing Summit in Austin

  • July 29-31, 2018 Affiliate Summit East in New York City

  • January 7-9, 2018 Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas

  • August 11-13, 2019 Affiliate Summit East in New York City

  • January 6-8, 2019 Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas

        Source:- Affiliate trip

6 . Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando top affiliate marketers in the word

Ian Fernando on the emerging world of affiliate marketing.

Ian is well known online marketing experts, Affiliate Marketer, Amazon FBA Seller,  Ian Fernando. Media Buying Strategists, Digital Analyst, PPC Specialist, Ad Manager to understand better affiliate marketing, digital marketing & eCommerce

Ian is a best digital & affiliate marketer who knows how to make his brand sale online increase and gain more profits.

Ian has 15 years of experience in online marketing, client management and project development. Ian has been working in the internet marketing industry since 2005, first he started selling online from eBay, hacking Myspace to promote e-books and advertising with affiliate marketing. And it generated a personal income that allowed Ian to quit 3 jobs at once

Ian has released Adventurer Online [dot] com, a community-run business with 15 years of online experience and helps answer campaign questions and also conduct live case studies with this chat application. And works with their clients’ campaigns from remote and increases their traffic through their new strategy, marketing automation and lead funnels.

What has Ian done on internet marketing in 15 years so far

·        Affiliate Marketing Blogger

·        Amazon FBA Seller

·        International Speaker

·        Ad Campaign Optimizer

·        Digital Nomad Lifestyle

·        Sold a Software Company

Source: – Ian fernando

7. Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson top affiliate marketers in the world

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He is the founder of, a blog and resource center for bloggers, and has also written several books on blogging and online business. Johnson is known for his ability to generate revenue through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and other monetization strategies. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences and is respected for his knowledge and expertise in the field.

8. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward top affiliate marketers in the world

Matthew Woodward is an SEO and digital marketing expert, known for his ability to help businesses and websites increase their visibility and traffic through search engines. He is the founder of, a blog and resource center that provides information and tutorials on SEO, affiliate marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. He has also written several books on digital marketing, and is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences. He is well-respected in the industry for his knowledge and expertise in the field of search engine optimization and online marketing.

What other people say about Matthew Woodward…

Many people in the digital marketing industry have praised Matthew Woodward for his knowledge and expertise in SEO and online marketing. Some of the things that are commonly said about him include:

He is a true expert in SEO and has a deep understanding of the latest strategies and best practices.

He is an excellent teacher and is able to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

He is a prolific blogger and content creator, and his blog and YouTube channel are a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their digital marketing skills.

He is a thought leader in the industry and is often cited as a source of inspiration and guidance by other marketers.

He is a respected speaker at industry events and conferences, and his presentations are always informative and engaging.

Overall, Matthew Woodward is widely regarded as one of the leading voices in the digital marketing industry, and his blog and books are considered a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their SEO and online marketing skills.

9. DC Fawcett

DC Fawcett top affiliate marketers in the world

DC Fawcett is the founder of Virtual Real State Investing Club, the place to discover what’s working best in today’s real estate investing market. What has become a master in the world of rehabbing and cash flow investing in virtual markets he does not live in.

DC has made a name for itself in the real estate world and now helps others who want to work in real estate business and he teaches them about a lot of innovative ideas and strategies through their proprietary Virtual Real Estate Investing systems. DC has mastered this thing so much that everyone follows his ideas is successful and very profitable for rates. Today, impressed by him, Millions of People is making his career in Virtual Real states.

DC is very proud and likes to share his experience and tell people about business planning. He tells students about business systems in his blog through outsourcing and team building. Which tells investors Is to test and give time to what you are working as you pass the time with your family and enjoy as the same way.

DC is very passionate about its proprietary system, in which he teaches entrepreneurs how to advance business and how to generate different income streams.

DC Fawcett advises real estate investing for free on his blog when DC is not helping real estate investors start or grow their business, he enjoys spending time with his amazing family.

DC was always fond of getting rich. He wanted to do something that he could earn a lot of money but he did not know how to do. Soon after the college was completed, DC joined the paint supply company where he used to get barely $15 an hour for that work at that time, but then they understood that it is not for him.

His goal is very clear he was adamant from the beginning and was very focused. He just wanted to become rich but he did not know how it would happen but he understood that he could not work for any other company. He always wanted to start his business.

DC has always been a sharp-minded person and had a good knowledge of his country’s economy. He knew that whatever money his country has, and this country is controlling and running by the businessman and all the Wealthy People Belong to Real Estate Business.

At that time, neither DC had any real estate experience nor he had any set up business he was without any money and no credit at that time.

Then one day he was watching TV at night, then during a commercial he notices that advertisement is related to how to do a real workshop business of free workshop without any money, credit and experience. He was super impressed by that commercial because he didn’t have any of these and he wanted to do something. He attended that workshop and learnt about all the real estate skills that he was not aware of and he got an offer in addition to attend a seminar for $ 50000, in which they him business setup ideas Learn how to setup it. This was a defining moment in his life.

This was a defining moment in his life. At that time, it was very difficult time to decide whether give a chance in life or leave the workshop, and start searching for a job, or invest money to do a $5000 seminar which he did not have at that time. There was a situation but he had to decide at that time. When he was in do and die situation, most of his life was spent on his credit card seminar money of 5000 $. After that he never looked back in life till date and he never worked for anyone other than his own business.

That seminar changed his life, a lot got to learn in that seminar

He ended up putting the seminar on a credit card and he looked back since. I will never be employed by anyone except for myself for the rest of my life. As one should know when to take action is the first priority. And many secret laws of attraction are all well and good. The truth of everything is only when you do every theory practical. He realized that life cannot change until it takes a right step in its life. Ideas to pursue your goals, to get fruits.

For all the strategies that were learned in that seminar, he started to apply all the rules and strategies in it and he started doing all the work related to real state, he was alone doing all the work. He was doing but he could not save anything because the bouses he had sown were on a surrey loan, he missed out on credit cards, he was not getting any profit, the business was doing well but could not make profit. It was over before the business started.

After that Fawcett did not have to make any home renovations in the virtual real estate investment market of real estate Kya and did not have to do all the work by himself, then he sold that house. He owed money and got all the credit cards. After that neither did he have any loan nor did he have any money outstanding in the bank.

After that point, he decided that he will only do virtual real estate investment deals. After his point, it took him only 2 years to become financially more creative and he did all his work to make a fully automated system so that all his work could be done without him. DC used to spend his time in weekly meetings, and he started doing 3 to 4 deals in 1 month so that he would start making a profit of about $ 37,000 in the initial round. Then after some 1 year, his friends and family came to him to get a lot of Surrey Advice related to real estate, then he thought that it is better than telling one person to make videos and inform the whole world about it, then he made videos. About the virtual estate he started, he told about the plain information and strategies so that people could get the information of the virtual estate for free, they started getting positive feedbacks and their videos became very popular.

10 . Pat Flynn

Pat flynn top affiliate marketers in the world

Pat Flynn was born on August 17, 1983, today, he is a well-known American Internet marketer and a businessman who owns a very famous blog called Smart Passive Income where he describes his experience and teaches online business. And documents his experience in passive income stream for his online business. And to date, he is so much about online business marketer. He has his own company Flynndustries, LLS, under which he runs a lot of Surrey numbers of web properties and he owns a very high quality site like smart passive income, Green Exam Academy and Security Guard Training

As far as we talk a boy, Flynn holds studies, he has a B.A degree in Architecture, University of California, Berkeley. Soon after graduation, he started working in an architecture company on a job captain’s post. But that job did not appeal to him for a long time and he was removed from that job in 2008 during the economic downturn. But luck has mercy. While he was working in that company, at the same time, he started preparing for one of his exam called LEED, it is an Architectural exam,for that exam preparation he started blogging his notes for taking the exam soon, after he laid off Form the firm due to economic downturn he found that his blog get traffic from the search engine.

Eventually, the readers who read the content started mailing Flynn, By following their suggestion Flynn converted the notes into an eBook,. And exactly a month and a half later, Flynn released  the first information product to Green Expert Flynn says that this book was the life savings for him of his life because he was thinking of switching to some other field during that time. Luckily the decision of converting the notes into an eBook became a limestone when the eBook made a 8000$ us dollar a month. After that Flynn never looked back in his life today he become the source of inspiration for million of people in the field of online business.

With this book being successful, Flynn decided that he would inform others about it and share with them the means of earning money from online business and share his success with him so that others can succeed like him. Like he started the smart passive income blog, he got more success and people liked his blog very much and he earned 200,000$ us dollars in the first year of his blog. He is a well known person in the field of internet marketing.

Recently, Forbes named him one of the Ten Most Transparent Leaders in Business. And the New York Times portray him as a Case Study in Smart Online Business Building

Whatever Pat Flann does, about affiliate marketing, he is always transparent and open to the extent that he has given full details of his monthly income since 2008 on his smart passive income site.

Pat Flynn writes books that help you dream and reach your goals

  • Superfans (amazon best seller)

  • Will It Fly? (wall street journal best seller)

  • Let Go (amazon best seller)

Pat Flynn has done many projects:-

·         My Podcasts

·         Will It Fly?

·         The Smart Passive Income Blog

·         The SwitchPod

·         FlynnCon

·         Superfans

·         Fusebox Player

Some of the best websites of Pat flynn are

Surce:- Pat Flynn

11 . David Risely

David risely top affiliate marketers in the world

David Risely started blogging work 15 years ago, when the word blogging did not even exist in the dictionary. David started his first website in 1998 on the free web space offered to him by ISP. After a few years, his site changed to Which is the huge technology blog, about three million people visited the site every month.

Although David Risley belongs to an American middle-class family who became a reciter from Ragas, he did not always want to follow the path everyone was on. What did he decided at a young age that he would do something different and take his Will make the way himself? He was very intelligent and smart kid since childhood, he loved computer work very much, but then he did not think that he would do something that millions of people would follow him. He used to live alone in his school and did not have many friends, he loved to live in his comfort zone. graduated from the University of California in Information Systems Management, and at that time he went out of his comfort zone to pursue a college education, as well as David did part time job like Cart Jockey, then Cashier and Supervisor. The first job of his life was as a janitor, who started a hydraulic shop where he used to clean the kitchen and toilets. During his graduation, David started an online business as an amateur. He created a website as a hobby technologist with whom he used to get his side money.

In 2001, David pursued his graduation where all his friends were looking for jobs for their Bright Future, while David decided that he would not do the job by sitting in a freaking cubicle. He wanted to persue what he loved to do. They decided to do full time online business and when he read an article in Yahoo Internet Life about building a website in 20 minutes or less, blogging about an online business about tech squares with a twist of fate. Before long, he was a webmaster of a beautifully horrible little website, complete with blinking text and animated icons. It was, however, the beginning of what would end up being his life’s mission. Like every business owner, David also wanted to earn a lot of money and as a people he slowly started to move into the world of internet marketing and learn art of online business and soon started focusing on online marketing, the same things that other bloggers did not pay attention to, David paid attention to those small techniques. He did not only paid attention to the advertisement like others were doing he started introducing the product sold his first CD-ROM through online business that was the truly landmark for him.

David bought a ton of internet marketing training and did not apply for Surrey to get his million dollars, but got a very good result, then after trial and error, the tech blog started doing a great job and today by sitting in his bedroom Making millions of dollars.

In 2008, David pivoted and applied all his skills ,techniques ,strategies whatever he learnt about the online marketing till 10 years applied on his website and also  launched 3DayMoneyBlog Masters ClubMaster Your List, the Inner Circle, and Time Master Formula. This side of his business did not take long to overtake his technical blogging, even fewer than the tech site he started, becoming the BLOG Marketing Academy.

IA lot of different types of strategy, systemic applause: David teaches and teaches people around the world about online business and blogging, what he said about what he said at the time of the very difficult technology that today is very easy It has happened due to development in technologies.

In 2012, David rebranded his as the Blog Marketing Academy in order to expand. David when started blogging and online marketing he faced huge difficulties on this way so, he decided to start a blog where he is teaching people around the world about online business and blogging ,and  what he did about the time of difficult technology or less developed technology than today where all the technologies are highly developed and fast than ever before. He is much more skillful in communication and teaching, and in simple English language, he does his blogging so that it could be comprehensible for every part of the world. David has also spoken at Blogworld and New Media Expo several times, walked the demonetization track for Blogworld twice, appeared as a guest blogger on several major sites and set fire to podcasts such as Smart Passive Income Podcast and Entrepreneur.

12 . Rafael Zelik

Rafael Zelik top affiliate marketers in the world

Yes, Rafael Zelik is the Co-Founder and Head of Strategy & Performance Marketing at affiliaXe. He is an experienced affiliate marketing expert and has been involved in the industry for many years. AffiliaXe is a leading global affiliate network that connects advertisers and publishers in various industries, and Rafael Zelik plays a key role in the strategic direction and performance of the company. He is responsible for the overall success of the network and is known for his ability to help businesses and websites increase their visibility and traffic through affiliate marketing strategies.

13 . Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse top affiliate marketers in the world

Darren Rowse is a very well-known blogger, born in Australia on 24 April 1962, living in Melbourne City, Australia

Darren Rowse made his foray into the blogging world in November 2002, when he worked as a part-time minister, a custodian at the online departmental store, and he also served as a casual labour. At the same time, Darren started his own blog Living he used to show the lifestyle of people living in Australia in that blog, especially about religion, pop culture, politics and many more things he showed in that blog.

Rowse has created nearly 20 different blogs and worked on it, but if we talk about now, he is running 3 blogs which are very popular in the whole world.

1 ProBlogger

2 Digital Photography School

3 And 3rd is his own podcast. Blogger Podcast


On the Problogger blogging site, he shares the tips of the blog, in which he explains that what is the right way, a lot of people are blogging today, but the success is not available to everyone, so he tells the tips and tricks in this blog to grow and float in the world of blogging through his blogging site and how to to generate good income.

The special focus that goes into this blog is

1 – Blogging for beginners

2 – To find readers for your blog

3 – Then research and optimization

4 – To use social media to grow

5 – Blogging Resources & Tools

6 – Making Money Blogging

Rowse earns $ 20,000 a month from his 2 blog, ProBlogger and Digital Photography School, and every day a view of his blog comes atleast 85000 – 10,0000.

In 2008 Rowse has also written a book of her own, that book is named above blogging. The book is named after Problogger. He has written this book especially for those who have started a new blogging and also for those who are already doing and want to do better in the future. He published this book in 1 st edition in 2008 and has just released its 3rd edition. And rowse has his own page on Twitter. Rousse who is also the CO Founder of Third Tribe and is the founder of Prologger Paid Community.

Rousse has received many awards and gain many names so far.

On May 22, 2009, Rowsey’s blogging site Prologger was ranked as the second most liked blog by Technortis and became the number 40 most linked blog.

In 2008, Rowse was awarded for the Problogger with Best Web Development Weblog Blog Award.

In 2008, Rousey got her name in Forbes Web Celebrity.

In 2011, Rowse was the speaker of the Blogopolis Blogger Conference in Melbourne

In 2006, Rowse was awarded the Best Web Development Weblog blog award in 2006 for Prologger.

Rowse was named in the Forbes Web Celebrity List in 2007.

Talking about Rousey’s personal life, Rousey is married to ‘V’ and they have 3 little children, Rowse likes to do photography, reading books in the free time, watched movies, and he is socially very active. He is a former church minister and he remains very active even on religious grounds.

Rowse has also held two Problogger events in Melbourne.

14 . Neil Patel

Neil Patel top affiliate marketers in the world


Neil Patel was born on 14 April 1985 in London, England, when Neil was 2 years old, his parents moved to California, Neil belongs from a simple middle class family, but throughout his childhood he  was surrounded from an entrepreneur because ofwhich he was highly influenced by an  entrepreneurship.
This motivated him to be mentally successful.

As soon as Neil turns 15 years old, he started his first business, he used to sell burned movies or CDs at $ 2, to  the high school student and then after that,his profit was never stopped at such a young age. He was very business-oriented, so after selling movies and CDs, he sold black box and hacked satellite cards to his classmates and parents and started making a profit of $ 1000.

At the age of 15, Neil got the first job in the Knotts berry farm where he trash garbage, cleaning the restroom and the vomit. Afterwards then he went door-to-door andsold the vacuum cleaner by convincing the homeowner for free cleaning the carpet and later on trying to sell those vacuum cleaners he has a great convincing power of dealing and a good business mind.

Inspired from the business model, Neil earned $ 5000 by selling a black box, and Neil used that amount to pay for his new website Advice Monkey. He spent all the money to pay for this site and suddenly realized that he ha no money left for advertising and promotions. Neil then immediately decided to learn the internet marketing though the site become extremely popular but not successful because their site was not transactional. His sister amee then advised him to continue his general education and Neil did his study in Cypress Community College.

Neil locked his  First Marketing Consultant clients after college completes, Elpac Electronics at 3500 $ per  month. Her started up his Advantage consulting service in partnership. later on Neil Invests 1 Million Dollars in a Hosting Company called Vision Web Hosting and he lost all that Money. in spite of that Neil Never loses his courage, and he -Cofounded Crazy Egg With Business Partner Hiten Shah. This is the Biggest Turning Point of Neil’s life. And he  touched the fame with hard work and patience.

In 2005,
Neil Named One of the Top Influencers on the Web by Wall Street Journal.

In 2006,
Neil launched his first blog, ProNet Advertising, and named search engine journal “Best Social Media Blog” and ranked in Technorati’s Top 100 for the first times.
Neil then launched another blog, Quick Sprout in 2008.

In 2008, Neil was funded by True Ventures and he launched KISSmatrix.

In 2012, Neil and Crazy Egg bought HelloBar

In 2016, Neil was named as one of the top Ten Marketing Experts by Forbes. In 2016,Neil and partner Nitin Shah left but from ecometrics

After this, in 2014, Neil launched a new challenge on his personal blog that is a 100,000 Monthly
Visitor’s Challenge
. And currently Neil is working on his Crazy Egg blog and he is educating millions of people around the world  from his personal and is inspirin globally for internet marketing.

15 . Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy Schoemaker top affiliate marketers in the world

Jeremy Schoemaker’s life is a true story of  a rags to richer, who is earning millions of dollars every year at the moment, in 2006, Jeremy shocked the Internet world when he received a check of $ 132,000 from Google. How did he earn it? GoogleAd Click on His Site, and His Commitment Affiliate and direct Marketing. In today’s time, Jeremy is an online money making machine, but it was not so easy for him to come to this stage for being Jeremy himself.

Jeremy Schoemaker was born on 31 May 1974 in Moline, Illinois. He has had a very simple childhood, but he will always be an overweight man. He was about 300 pounds at the age of 14. But all these things did not bother him, he has always been a person of very competitive nature.

In 1987, his mother brought him Apple’s computer for the first time. He used to play video games on it and made himself feel like a superhero. And at that time, he was so attached to the computer that he used to write some computer programs.

Jeremy learned a lot about computers as he was growing up, at that time he didn’t knew what he would do with this passion. Though He was very compassionate about this.

In 1995, after the completion of his graduation from high school and became busy by selling appliances at sears, this was the time of his life from where he started to grow slowly, while working in this store, when he met a woman for the first time he thought  She met that she had come for a washer and dryer. However, she came to offer a job to Jeremy from an Internet service provider company. Jeremy joined the company and learned a lot about how to manage servers, developed security systems, and website writing, blogging. He had a great experience in his life in ISP. After a few years in 1996, he decided to leave the job joining back to school. In 3 years, he joined 3 colleges and earned 4 credits, but his graduation could never complete. When he was in his college, he created a gaming website of his own, Mcintosh Gaming Sites which made him earn $1000 a month. and large number of companies started consulting him for their advertisement.

In 2002, Jeremy turned 28 years old and realized he has gained weight 420lbs. At that time, he had $ 50k in his pocket and he smoked 2 packets of cigarettes every day and all day at he is sleeping in friend’s  house. Life used to be completely upheaval, there was nothing good in his life at that time, but he never gave up hope in his life, he used to believe in the situation that this is also a part of life.

After that one day he met a very beautiful girl who wanted to become an anesthesiologist and she had an insane work ethics, she later became a wife of Jeremy and she encouraged him so much with his confident and hard  work she told Jeremy that you can do something in the world and become something if you have the passion to do something and if you really willing to do it. Who insured Jeremy a lot and gave him the confidence to move forward.

In 2003, Jeremy’s life changed. Jeremy started writing his own blogging, in which he used to tell about personal stuff. In 2005, Jeremy was laid off from work because he was also working on his site and he was unemployed and at the same time his site Next Pimp 5million visitors started coming every month. That goes to the next level beyond the imagination.

Jeremy started making money online in a month, compared to earning money for the entire 10 years of his career. Indeed, a picture of him (his one month earnings from Google AdSense) with a check for $ 132, 000 is one of the most linked pages on his blog.

In 2006, he started pursuing his direct and affiliate marketing with his

Next Pimp. He also started a premium subscription service for his users and started selling products directly to the users. In 2006, he put a very famous photo on his site with a check of $ 132,000 in his website and that site shone overnight. In 2006, Jeremy and his business partner launched DellAnway Auction Ads an eBay affiliate marketing which is an advertising network that powered by eBay. Whose service won many awards. In 2008, they launched Elite Retreat which costing 5-8k per person. By 2010, NextPimp will go on millions a year on selling an at the same year Jeremy launched Shoemoney tools (internet marketing suite) that grow as to $250 every month. Afterwards, Launched in 2012 for $1 million after 6 months of launch Jeremy sold that. Later on, launched the program Email Marketing Agency in 2013 and Gosocial Programme  acquire program for 12 million dollars in 2015.

To date, the shoemaker has made more than just $10 million dollars online. In 2014, he launched another blogging site, where he teaches to people how to create a blog that derive profit and generate traffic. BlogNinja grosses over 1 million $. The blog has hit 4500 blog posts so far. has been ranked among the top affiliate marketing blogs in the world and has been ranked in Technorati’s top 50 blogs for the past three years. Currently, he is an entrepreneur, author, marketer, blogger, along with being the founder of Shoemoney Media Group. he doesn’t own any employees he does everything by his own from his home.

16 . Finch Sells

Finch Sells top affiliate marketers in the world

Finch Sells is an entrepreneur and digital marketer who is known for his expertise in the field of e-commerce and affiliate marketing. He is the founder of, a website and resource center for online entrepreneurs, and has also written several books on e-commerce and affiliate marketing. He is considered a leading expert in the field of e-commerce and affiliate marketing, and is well-respected for his knowledge and expertise in the field. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, and is known for his ability to help businesses and websites increase their visibility and traffic through e-commerce and affiliate marketing strategies.

17 . Yaro Starak

Yaro starak top affiliate marketers in the world

Yaro Starak’s journey has been very exciting in 1998, when Starak was 18 years old, he did not know what to become in life, and he used to live in an ordinary family where he did not even have his own room. Starak used to sleep with a bed in the backyard. He had never set the goal of his life, but one thing was always sure that he never wanted to do the job, he never wanted to wake up in the morning with the sound of alarm, forcing himself to work for someone else’s work making things good for other. He did not like to pursue his knowledge at all, he always wanted to do something personal, where there is no restriction of anything, everything is his own and freedom to do everything by himself, but it was difficult for him to understand that Did not know how to survive without earning a money from job

When Starak turned 20, he created a website of card games that he used to play as a child, known as magic; the gatherings at the time t’s like poker with dragons and elves, and I loved it!

In his first website, he wrote an article about the card game, and the most interesting thing is that people started reading this website and as soon as their website started running, they would start making money by selling banner advertisement in the card store. Suddenly, he thought why not open his own online card store. Then he took the best decision of his life and opened the online card store and started earning 1000 $ of that card but it was not very easy to run that card store, he used to always update and go to the post office daily by himself. To send a card to the customer, one day he suddenly came to know that his biggest customer is using a stolen credit card for him to buy from his store. He was 22 years old and graduated from his university. At that time, starak was owed $ 20,000 from university fees and $ 15,000 from credit card fraud, At that time he was most unhappy in his life.

In 2000, Starak was reading the magazine article of Tech Companies, which was based on a young boy who started his business of editing along with his studies with Harvard. He was attracted to that story and thought of doing something similar.

Then Staraks new website was born in the year 2000. This site was an essay editing business site that focused on University Students Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne later Canada when Kabhaji Wo Family

Starak’s is a very dedicated man, he used to spend all his time in moving his new business forward. Initially there was a lot of difficulties going that slow business, but his hard work and perseverance helped his business to progress a lot .Besides it was  good that he started making a very honest customer, then Starak had reached the age of 25 years, and at that time he had started spending all his expenses himself and business was running so much that his own expenses started to get better. He was not much then rich, but was certainly happy with his small success.

2008 proved to be Stark’s happiest year, one of his close friends advised Starak to start a blog for the editing website, and Starak accepted his advice and started the blog but the editing blog completely flopped because he was editing it. Didn’t like to write about, but at that time he explored Loved Writing About Being Entrepreneur.

Then another new blog Entrepreneurs-Journey after finishing the editing blog. Com, whose name was later, changed to Yarrow. Blog. In that blog, Starak started telling his story from where he started, first as an article, then creating a podcast where he started online away from Entrepreneur He used to take audio interviews online. That blog went on much faster and he made more money in 2 years than he did in many years. Afterwards A very big life decision he took that  was very shocking for everyone, when he decided for selling his all website, except his blog enterprises- journey .com and then he got into blogging, and a lot of the audience started creating and creating a range of digital products he sold from his blog.

By the time he got starak, he had made $ 10,000 from his own blogging and had become a million dollar owner by the time he was 30.

If we talk about the present time, then Starak spends all his time coaching and telling people how successful business business is. Stark, he knows both failure and success so he knows how to be something and how to be successful with nothing. For which he makes videos and millions of people have access to his blog and podcast. And they tell those Surrey Millions people to achieve their dreams by ‘laptop lifestyle’, you can end your job and start your own business, travel anywhere you want and live your life with your family. Make the dream come true.

Starak has earned a lot of name in the world of blogging. He has described the biggest events of all time, which includes’ Social Media Marketing World; He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Founder, Huffington Post and has more than 250 The interview has gone to the podcast.

Starak is an author of the original ‘Blog Profit Blueprint‘ and ranks among the top 10 bloggers and podcasters in the world.

18 . Brian dean

Brian dean top affiliate marketers in the world

Brian Dean is the founder and CEO of the very well-known SEO and conversion rate optimization-focused blog,, and, which teaches online marketing and practical skills Brian Dean has been honored with a lot of different names Brian Dean is also known as SEO Genius by And the Inc magazine named him “Brilliant Entrepreneur“.

Brian is most popular for his blog,, for which he won many awards and in 2014, In 2017 Forbes announced this blog as a “top blog to follow”.

Did Success magazine declare Brian “the world, the foremost expert on search engine optimization” because his blog did 2 every year. Reached and Influence up to million people. was discovered by Brian in 2013 from Airbnb in Lisbon. They already knew about SEO from their web properties. However, he was not entirely aware of this, then he decided to learn more about it, but at that time he could not find any right content about white hat SEO.

Then Brian created his own blog, which he himself wanted to read. And a few months later, in 2013 his first blog was found.

In the early days, a lot of people condemned him because launching a blog at a time when competition was very high in the field of digital marketing had more chance of blog failure. It was very difficult for them as well, it took them a few months to understand the online marketing also about online business strategies and techniques and get into the right tract, and their blog Backlinko started to grow very quickly, from a blank WordPress installation to a blog that SEO pros started to read.

After that Backlinko came to such a huge success that in the world of online business, His content reaches over 3 million people every year. Forbes recently stated that: “Backlinko is the place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies. You’ll find in-depth and value-packed articles”. And the Huffington Post said that the Backlinko blog is “a recommended resource to become a better SEO”. Brian Dean stated that I’m biased. But I have to agree.

19 . Missy ward

Missy ward top affiliate marketers in the world

Missy Ward is an entrepreneur and digital marketer who is known for her expertise in the field of affiliate marketing. She is the Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, one of the largest and most respected events in the affiliate marketing industry. She has more than 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing, and is well-respected for her knowledge and expertise in the field. She is also a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, where she shares her insights and strategies for success in affiliate marketing. Missy is considered a leading expert in the field and has helped many businesses and websites increase their visibility and traffic through affiliate marketing strategies.

20 . Andrew Payne 

Andrew payne top affiliate marketers in the world

Andrew Payne is a great affiliate marketer known as Mr Payne. Andrew came to Affiliate Marketing in 2006 and completed his Affiliate Marketing Passion and gave his performance with great results. And working with passion and after a few years, he became a full-time affiliate marketer and started those his digital agency where he was focused on assisting the B2B company.

In the year 2016, Andrew opened another new company, the Mobrev Media Affiliate Company, which focused on mobile and pop traffic push types. As soon as he started this company, he created the entire business team and created his entire business model, which would generate 7 figures annually.

Andrew explains the secret of his success on his site, he explains others the right way to move forward in affiliate marketing and gives the right advice and guides to people who have or want to start Affiliate Marketing.

He got a lot of love from the people and many peoples started following him very well, due to which he affiliates successful. Com created. Through which he shows other people how to fulfil their Affiliate Marketing dreams, how they can achieve their goals, and how they can make their business stable by their own and leave every day job. In this, he explains the new way of marketing related ideas to every day changing market scenario, the concept of building business and he shares the concept of Affiliate Marketing conceptually.

Talking about his personal life, he likes to eat a lot, he is very fussy, he likes to travel and spend quality time with the family, and you can always see him.